Rai Fiondella

Illustrator Bethany, CT

Rai is an Illustrator, Writer, Gamer, Tea-drinker, Dog Lover, and Cartoon/Animation Enthusiast. Their passion for fantastical fiction knows no bounds.

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Hey there! My name’s Rai.

I’m an illustrator and avid storyteller who specializes in character design/character-centric illustration, world-building, and book/story illustration. I especially love working with mythology, medieval times, and fantasy-adventure.

Since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to write and illustrate stories. Reading the tales of my favorite heroes allowed me to grow up in a world where I could follow any path they inspired me to go.

My work tells a narrative through fantastical scenes and characters, along with the worlds they inhabit. Working with mythology and fantasy gives me the chance to break boundaries. It allows me to present my audience a new, exciting world inspired by a history that they are so familiar with, while inviting them on new adventures. Through writing and illustration, I aim to connect people to my characters and envelop them in stories and places they have never seen before. I aim to encourage people to learn things about themselves and to open their minds through my art and fiction.

I am currently available for hire to create illustrations for your projects. Let me help you bring your visions to life!
If you are interested in getting work from me or want more information, contact me through the contact page or through email (raifiondella@gmail.com) and I will get right back to you. I look forward to working with you!


Business Owner

Open Wing Studio L.L.C.

I am the owner of a small art studio based in Connecticut called Open Wing Studio. Its purpose is to spread a love and passion for all things fiction and fantasy! I sell merchandise of my original artwork such as art prints, acrylic charms, pin-back buttons, zines, and more!

Storyboardist and Character Designer

The Audition (2016)

I designed 4 characters featured in a short film and created storyboards for one scene. Work included 15 finished, black and white digital drawings, as well as full character sheets.


University of Connecticut

BFA in Illustration

I graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2016. I earned a BFA degree with an Illustration concentration.



Group, UConn BFA Show, 2016, ArtSpace Windham - Willimantic, CT


Branwen O'Shea (YA Fiction Writer)


Illustration Character Design Character Illustration Comics Concept Art Book Illustration Cover Art Creative Writing


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