Hey everyone!! I have super exciting news!

Recently, I was asked to teach a class on Skillshare.com, a subscription-based teaching website. For their December Teach Challenge, I made a class on Character Design!

Here’s what it’s about:

“Those successful, dynamic characters that exist in your favorite comic books, video games, cartoons, and animated movies were born from the imaginative minds of creative people—like you! Anybody can illustrate their own unique, original characters once the fundamentals of anatomy, shape, gesture, expression, personality, and silhouette are understood.

Whether you are a professional illustrator or are just getting started and are looking to expand your skills, this class will ensure that you acquire the necessary expertise in order to begin bringing your original characters to life on paper. You will learn what it takes to guarantee your story’s cast is interesting and diverse, as well as the do’s and don’t’s of designing a successful character.”

It’s a 20 minute, bite-sized class. Each lesson is less than 5 minutes, so it’s not overwhelming at all.

I put so much work into this class, and I want to make sure that any of you who may be interested in taking it have access to it without having to pay extra. Here is my referral link: http://skl.sh/2iwENfS . This link allows you to join my class, and other classes on Skillshare, for only $0.99, for 1 whole month. :)

Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement throughout this process! I hope you all check it out.


Hey guys! My name’s Rai.

I’m an illustrator and avid storyteller who specializes in character design, concept art, storyboarding, and graphic novel-making. I especially love working with mythology, medieval times, and fantasy-adventure! (Have I captured your attention yet? Good!)

My art blog here will consist of some behind the scenes snapshots of my works in progress, information about my artistic process, as well as some sketchbook work. I’ll also post some fun pictures of slice-of-life kind of stuff too, because I love to share my everyday discoveries and activities with all of you! I’m a firm believer that sharing those kinds of experiences fuels the creative energies of not only myself, but other aspiring artists out there who crave artistic inspiration.

Expect some new posts in the near future! I can’t wait to really showing you guys what I got.