'The Calling.' Book Cover Design for Branwen O'Shea. Graphite, Digital. 2020.

'Silence of the Song Trees.' Book Cover Design for Branwen O'Shea. Digital. 2020.

‘Gaia.’ Digital. 2018.

‘Doe in the Woods.’ Graphite, Digital. 2018.

‘Freyla Skyfenson.’ Commission for Graham Bryden. Ink, Digital. 2018.

'Luna and Zoey.' Ink, Digital. 2020.

'Blood.' Commission for June Oakley. Ink, Digital. 2020.

‘Winged Soldier.’ Graphite, Digital. 2017.

‘Satyrs Unwind.’ Digital. 2015.

‘Rey, Alexander, Alma, and Flynt.’ Commission for Joseph Cote. Ink, Digital. 2017.

‘Bettie.’ Tattoo Design of Bettie Page. Ink, Digital. 2017.

‘Squee Moonslaver.’ Commission for Patrick Hackett. Ink, Digital. 2016.

‘Bill.’ Charcoal. 2014.

‘Nightwing.’ Charcoal, Pastel. 2014.

‘Nemesis Watch.’ Commission for Jenni Voland. Ink, Digital. 2019.

‘Phoenicem.’ Graphite, Ink, Digital. 2015.

‘Nereios.’ Graphite, Ink, Digital. 2015.

‘The Dead Rider.’ Charcoal. 2017.